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Of Andromeda (Self-Released 2017)

   Vincent Rees infusion his ultimate works for Path of Action Production as Electronic instrumental and Ambient Classical contemporary meet the space music recalls you if you dare or care by liking things echoes within this substitutes personal guarantee as his duet works with partner sound artist Peter Smith crashing in by particles through an outstanding materials that NASA would approved to using them for their programs entirely whilst the environment listening the warm elongated compositions of thematic extend over the realm sonic catalyst void code-fications of the universe world unmarked – too wide for humanity movement – for now. A multi-textured of Sussex’s made Neo-Classical Ambient Music presentations collecting the evidence not far but darn closer within us as – The Human sets recording by Red Planet Orchestra code name (POA 90CD). The fusion of female structure silhouette as well as the string arrangements and electron-noises over A Time For Truth, The Few And The Far; Call The World as well as Alone or Eight must be classified as later would be decoded in the next future after this pass … 

Album cover extracted by the work from Nicolas Cromberz.

The Human: