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O Mio Babbino Caro (EMI Music France 2007)

   Should be one of your favorite British Comedy of all time – the second installment of Mr. Bean’s Holiday following the previous movie for almost a decade ago but now the silly person Bean going to France for the real holiday of his dreams. As everything prepared and off, he goes by train journey through Paris before Cannes – to visiting the beautiful beach with a video camera and the misunderstanding of him on French non-spoken leaves the funny events started like wrong order for iced prawn or oysters in a restaurant women’s bag incident; cuisine to the broken vending machine prevents him from boarding the train as he once again left behind.
Fate gives Bean a second chance with the terrible mistakes made by a Russian actor accepting bean’s idea to recording him as their train then starting to leave as leaving the father Emil but Stepan the son left on board with Bean when their relation begin to connects on the road. Being kicked out and left behind as well by the same train on the next station only to find Emil displaying the message to them to phoning him right away as Bean and Stepan finding themselves stranded in the middle of traditional market with music discs seller, fruits and vegetables, other interesting stuffs with more street musicians among the visitors and chickens too. 
   Gaining money after the funny epic performance led by Bean accompanied by Stepan using the borrowed stereo system – unlucky moment occurs again – this time their train tickets sticking to the chicken’s feet collected back to farm by the old truck where bean must following it leaving Stepan behind lifting with the street musicians car. Awesome scenery where natural rural place and quiet beautiful grass fields, flower fields and more excitements like bean crossing some tour de france bicyclists before lost inside the barnyard of hundred chickens, following the Nazi tank to the shooting spot of a commercial advertisement directing by an American grumpy guy as bean seeing that beautiful French girl for the first time; second one is after the explosion ruining the sets kicked bean to the street but quickly, collected by Sabine using the same colored car like bean had back home. 
Going to Cannes for the Sabine’s movie premier, finding beautiful beach or helping the boy meet his parents again aren’t that easy but Mr. Bean once again proved that he can be such reliable when it comes to the encore good endings. 
   Glitch-mixture over Carson Clay boring movie turns out to be hilariously, funny as bean connecting his recording camera and all seems to connecting all the crazy videos about bean, stepan, the train incident, the epic performance at the market, the riding with bicycle or the romantic views between everyone on a car finally, makes the audience content in happiness as the applause for Carson Clay and Sabine comes the gathering back of stepan with the parents – for Bean it’s only the beach from the brochures captures his most passionate surprises and the audience would loved to watching it again as the soundtrack composed by Howard Goodall bringing the interesting tempos over thus instrumentals like Paris Walk, Bean Losses Bag, Writing Numbers, Chicken Chase to Battery Low and Reunited or Playback Time 2 along with some various artist music and songs spending great times for you like Boombastic (Shaggy), Matt Willis’ Crash or La Mer classics from Charles Trenet – given a funny meaning for holiday approved.