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Nymph Path (Epictronic 2016)

   Genova’s Indie Rock power-emotive rookie group by the name of AshestoAshes consisting of Paolo Schiavi (lead guitar), Enrico “Wuky” Cabona (guitar), Paolo “Pol’ Di Lorenzo (drums) and Stefano Anentodio (bass) as being adding by their personal beauty angelic vocalist/keyboardist – Marta Vassallo had a chance to luckily, releasing their second recording on Urania as their seems to be a next space walks as an astronaut carries mission from earth to the expanding universe just like the catchy monsoon raining riffs, elaborating combinations and good personality via the tracks listing there as much as eleven like The Forgiveness Song, A Thousand Pieces, Wallace Hartley, Once Upon A Time to naked or Popular – reasonable to be liking by plenty of thus Modern Rock fans and female-fronted band lovers. 

Alternative Rock is coming back to Italy and breeding good artistic results by some there. Nice atmosphere up there ?