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No Pleasure Inside (Independent 2017)

   Pop-Rock and Grunge perception clearing made by the rock duo projectionist unit formed on Mont De Marsan – France are these Robin Jourdan (percussion, chant and back-up vocals) with Par Milo Dumartin (guitars, backing vocals) on a semi acoustic Alternative Rock duet-ing within the simply honest and non-popular medium distorting music sounds over the five tracks recording under the band’s name – Persepolis and the title album releasing for Sixty Miles An Hour.
   Didn’t really clearer if the band wants to promoting their protests against the use of too much plastic bags to the world or just a trend of suicidal acts formula comes with the songs of broken romance like I Fell in Love with Somebody I Don’t Know, Physical Structure and Losing Purpose and the supreme “ah’s or oh’s” chanting on I Miss You song. Really intriguing like classic old Rock N’ Roll getting grabbed by the toast of the distorted nineties values.

Sixty Miles An Hour: