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No. 5 Op. 73 (LWH Entertainment 2016)

   Feast your eyes for the beauty covering her standard acts over the British zombie flick horror as Jessica De Gouw as Melanie along with her spouse Lewis, the veteran Archer, teenage freaks Archie and Jack to the depressive woman – Sadie whom actually, planned on hacking the security system of The Rezort – the tourist visiting place where they can kill as many zombies as they wanted to for sports on a tour which held by the owner of the place Valerie Wilton and her professional staffs somewhere farther from the compound parts of the island.
As the next day everything went wrong with most of the zombies letting loose out and attacking people around the island area; the surviving group must maintaining their lives to be kill or be eaten by the horde as The Rezort movie offering you great scene of bloodbath, sniper-time, error system as well as good romance and pretty girls or bad conversations but foremost of all – thus bloody disgusting moments for Melanie, Lewis, Sadie and Archer to escaping from the desert shooting area; going back to find that everything’s already too damn late to be saved  but still there’s hope for some to get out of this nightmare place as the secret of charitable front organization owning a mean plan for luring refugees to their island as they’re then transform into zombies. 
   The few songs to completing the soundtrack background for the film also not seemingly bad to listen compiled by Zacarias M De LA Riva; which featuring Primal Scream singing their track on Zombie Man or Dan Baird and his crew bitten the atmosphere over Keep Your Hands to Yourself making the scenery of flesh eater and hungry zombies as well as some ironically comedy stuns the spectators for standing between horrid and laughter before the ends finally, shocked the entire television audiences for live feeding on thus horrific watch news about the occurring event on a new zombie horde outbreak beaching in the city civilizations and over-thrown the humanity.