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Nightwatchin’ Better (Creative Juices Music 2011)

   Easily weave on reminisce label upon Jazz, Funk, Soul and Hip-Hop; talented MC’s genre blending with beats and refreshing to make the listeners caution to them presence – Destruments newer album vibrating auction demonstrating these deeply rooting and never stray music might given the Rap-Hip-Hop talents of underground meets the surfacing sound levels of Brooklyn, NYC became a likely – space journey into sounds of Black Music story turns up the night and the party everywhere as there will be no boundaries among ourselves because Surpassing All Others truly afforded the intimacy and the relationship of no-skinned colors but dancing crowds and united music-lovers come together bringing the great news to the rest of the world within the masterpiece of wisdom creators via Deadly Fang feat. Alucard, IDE & Killah Priest; Skin Deep, That Fire feat. CF (Constant Flow), You Got It feat. The Day Laborers and Fly Away feat. Respect Tha God & Sweet T in the presenting mode-on as well as Forever Mine feat. Quite Nyce and 1 Last Sunset – flowing the beats topping off the charts of none to be numbered but the breathing breath and pumping veins calls over humans to wake up and respecting each other’s rights before you start yelling about yourself problems or rapping to get high when the world feeling lower. 
   Performs by Sean Willson (fender bass, upright bass, moog bass, guitars, loops, percussion and background vocals), Kelly Finnigan (piano, rhodes, clavinet d6, hammond organ, wurlitzer electronic piano, moog & korg analog synthesizers, arp string ensemble, vocoder, loops, drum kit, percussion and akai mpc cuts and vocals) with Adam Willis (drums & percussion).

Surpassing All Others: