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Nickels Cardigan (Count Your Lucky Stars 2015)

Passionate as the band’s singing their heart out for daily suburban-based problems and na├»ve romance to reach on a relationship; almost every tracks written by these Fenton, Michigan’s quartet shall making your tomorrow or tonight feels much alive than just being molested by the turdy of unfortunate events as The Cardboard Swords having their debut album with the same self-titled – emotionally, rocks.
The simple delicious melodies and perfect Jangle-Pop harmony as well as the Pop-Punk ceremony leaving everyone whom listening to it – feeling mesmerize and delighted with the imperfect of the courageous themes closely formatted to the pressing written lyrics and teenage confusing life went a bit wiser into those mature songs like (S)He Said, Brian’s Song, Flannel, Exit 47A and You Dan is Kirk Hammet ? trying to asking the same complicating days meet the exposed views of point to your future plans spoken to itself not like your parents commands.

The Cardboard Swords: