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Newspeak (Not On Label 2013)

   The prophecy about wormwood planet turns out to be real as the fucking fact process happening in front of your eyes; Chris Halliday (guitars), Nichael Furolo (bass), Anthony Pallas (drums), Ben Logan (guitar/scream) and Michael McLachlan (vocals) debuting their Post-Hardcore/Nu-Metal prediction to happen via Eradicate – Reinstate from these Melbourne’s metallic extreme troops as there would be no terms of turning back, redemption or switch sides since and aftermath of it. Things went totally, chaotic as much as those ninety-five percents of human population will excellently be dead before Silent Rose finishing their repertoire of destructible songs like Cycle of Madness, Diggity Dong, Big Green Men, Mouthful of Sand, When Three Become One, Would You Like Death With That ? or Launch The Monkey – seems to be all predicted for too damn long but blinded mankind just choose rather to play with themselves than exploring the possibilities on avoiding short-term extinction.

Eradicate - Reinstate: