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New World Turkish (EMI CMG Label Group 2005)

   Based from the classic written works of your favorite figure C.S Lewis – here’s The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe being first goes to the big movie telling us about the adventuring tales of four orphanage siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucyaccidently, finding their way crossing the gate to a high fantasy land of Narnia where there – four of them actually, predicted in a prophecy to helping the male lion leader Aslan and meet new friends such as Mr. Tumnus the faun, Mr & Mrs. Beaver, Oreius the centaur or Maugrim the guarding wolf and Father Christmas against the evil plan and dark magic led by the infamous White Witch – Jadis and her large army of evil creatures wanted to ruling Narnia by invading it and stop the summer and spring from occurs. Fully, intrigue movie but also warmth within thus friendships, kindness and passions among the Aslan’s followers as well as the children as their strength besides faith of believing must be the ingredients to measure that this fine film needs as well a good soundtrack like this Various Artists Music Inspired By The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – interprets the way movements, the roots history and the melancholy attempts penetrating the lack of hope, loneliness and guilty feelings  by uplifting spirits using these Christian-based Community Music of Alternative Modern Rock bands such as Bethany Dillon for Hero, Steven Curtis Chapman sings Remembering You; Jars of Clay rocking standard through the opening song Waiting For The World To Fall, Kutless comes with More That It Seems; Chris Tomlin’s You’re The One and Rebecca St. James over Lion filling out the emptiness after someone’s death with glad and strength again to win the battle against the powerful wicked just like thus Pevensie’s children …

VA Music Inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia: