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Nature Warning (Warner Bros. 2017)

   Executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer portrays the disaster movie beyond Katrina or Sandy super storms; giant tsunami that hits most of the southern parts of Asia and Africa by these facts that a developments of technology as man-made ideas creating the ultimate working in progress of controlling the global weather supported by satellites known as Dutch-Boy under the surveillance engineers of International Climate Space Station (ICSS) suddenly, malfunctioned and frozen the village in Afghanistan or the fire-nado killer that hits Hong Kong concerning Secretary of State Leonard Dekkom given the tasks of investigations to the trusted experts station commander Ute Fassbinder and Jake Lawson (the satellite designer and former ICSS commander) only to find a glimpse of spying-treachery acts behind those incidents killing thousands on earth crusts before the next thing happens again. 
   Geostorm is kinds of disaster movie you might be afraid to imagined occurs on real life but the technology and editing makes the film worth a watch as thus orchestral instrumentals scoring music composed by Lorne Bafle like Goodbye, Unspoken Code, Lightning Chase, Spacewalk, Office Raid or May Day opens the realoty that malfunction of operation for project Zeus satellites will actually, creating some kind of the combinations for all mother of disasters mankind ever known took one specific time and hitting the planet altogether. As the dutch boy turning into weapon and the tasks gets larger also for saving the president with the entire National Democratic Convetion in Orlando after Tokyo got hailstorm or Rio which been struck by freezing over permanent cold – as these extreme climates changes cannot be controls or predicted anymore. Jake finally, found out whose the brain master behind this horrible events and rebooting completes co-working saves not only the NASA satellite controls but also the rest of the world from extinction made by the ego of ourselves.