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Money Of Fame (Bedroom Suck Records 2015)

   A quartet of Pop-Rock Indie and Alternative group consisting of Ashley Bundang, Elizabeth Mitchell, Lehmann B Smith and Zach Schneider would raising your eye-brows by the quick look for their front cover album debut for Down Time. 
A woman figure trying to spread her long legs sensually attractive as being touch by a guy mislead by the female’s minimalist clothes and complexion that might also giving different perceptions to boys and mature male about but truly, Totally Mild given their written of self-inflicted and experience story a good case to rest the reasonable themes helping the girls to develops maturely and wiser to make their own better decision. 
   The entangled tracks of mostly non-absurd Pop harmony and catchy music sounds would appearing for the rest songs listed on the album like you loving to listening back for When I’m Tired, Christa, Go Home, Move On, Nights and The Next Day as the collaboration on musical instruments from the standard to soft brass sections as well as background vocals melodies treating these Melbourne, Australia unit of mixed gender musicians playing their latitudes of Indie Rock quality – patiently and fully worked.

Down Time: