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Me My Charms (Unforscene Music 1996)

   Finishing school, travel the world and never forgetting the past story from best various moments on her rebellious days with close-friends and Portland – Oregon’s senior high school background as well as thus feminism and female empowerment in bratty small group having the (almost) same background things to tell and shared as the learning more over the alleged sexual harassing of people they’re knew well or even teacher/stranger abuses can attaching a hardening ties in between like these girls: the na├»ve high-school student Maddie, her abusing friend Rita Valdes, Goldie the mental-breakdown adopted, Legs Sadovsky the brave drifter with Violet Kahn promised to be together always and Foxfire film will be the proof of their journal teenage angst story of the late nineties era. High-speed pursuits from the start of car-stealing ended-up a crash with Legs caught and sent to correctional facility while Goldie begins to use drugs before the house hide-out detox by Maddie trying hard to save her.
   The bolder commemorates girls now without a leader soon getting parted and jeopardized in ashtray; Legs finally walk out only to gives a dangerous idea on black-mailing Goldie’s parents for rehabilitated money rises tension at the rich-man’s house turning violent as Legs making an issue and hard-words towards the parents bur Rita shoot Goldie’s father in the shoulder with hospitalized father makes Violet, Rita and Goldie panic while Legs gone missing with a truck driver. 
   Maddie told her story like it is for us to reflects on the positive and the negativity carries by the both sides on a coin as the various soundtrack for the Firefox film really might get your interest gaining more over thus Alternative Rock/Indie-Pop packs of goodies tunes from Wild Strawberry’s I Don’t Want To Think About It, Pound for Pound from Mystery Machine;  Candlebox sang loudly through their poetry Grunge track – You or Papa Brittle’s Stress Killer on The Loose as well as The Cramps, L7 cohorts and Shampoo to Luscious Jackson completing the fill-up lists. It’s kind of MTV generation gone wrongly right or abstractly, conscious as the era moving fast-forward and bring many more problems to our teenagers …

Foxfire (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):