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Mazes Officer (La Vida Es Un Mus 2017)

   Confrontational vocals of the bringer on absurdity over the problems beyond the city-living rhythms and stressed-out voices of the voiceless rather be complaining and protests the priority of freedom speech or monumental edgy agitation over the furious UK’s incestuous Punk-Rock and Hardcore primitive scene of snotty, short and angry chaotic music making as the drumming faster and rushy or the chorus may be heard like a slogan for war campaign since the early WWI series based off the in between London and Sheffield lineage Punk rebellious built-in group - Runt which consisted of Ash the lead singer, Jyoti extraordinary bassist and aggro-falling artist clatters perfectly to pulverizing Ralph on rhythm section whom rebellious like the heavy weight reverse board as nihilistic but modern by the snarling anxiety ticks via Positions Of Power producing by them as Runt. Identity, I See You, Parasite, DWP, No Future and Cain – shall keeping your mouth shut from giving bad comments about them or loving their music while shout out cursing the prosper injustice life.

Positions Of Power: