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Martyrs Cracked (Alternative Tentacles 2002)

Featuring the all lining-up raw force of Seattle-Sound unit blasting their Hardcore-Punk recordings in supporting the subordination of the youth of the country united as a state of Punk Rock Scene are Alex Sibbald, Blaine Cook, Karl Detonator, Steve Hoffman to Tommy Hansen and even Duff McKagan raising their enormous rebellion of (15 Working Class Songs) on Injustice – the forth albums to their rioting career so far and this one still plotted to be anti-religious, anti-society and anti-assholes as promised.

The Fartz is your ultimate faster/killer band with short-duration as for songs and active activity on their loose cannon screaming or kicking the legal laws that cuffing people from having their rights on free-speech or honestly, working hard. Rich White American, Don’t Want No Gun, Satan, Out Of Control, Apathy is The Enemy, God Fearing Christians and State Control are those subjective topics which happening everyday in US citizen boring life and Punk Rock comes to make a real change to no gods but the country.