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Manna Design (Self-Released 2012)

   Modified technically as Death Metal as the excellent gates of hell opening and calls the monster-like creature spreading their sinister force by eating the planets that crossing their paths; a Los Angeles Metal-Core music and extreme sound-blasters over this extended play recording with the logo created by Chris Horst and artwork by Munkie Strike within the three eyes demigods has been releasing its wrath as the chance for changes or redemption aren’t there anymore.

   Bow in Requiem releasing record by The Opague might be Californian-based newer scene for grunting gutted growls vocal-personifications as the sounds highly in techniques scarring your existence by periods and doomsday day of the numbered are now stop being counted and the releasing of all mankind destroyers like natural disaster, monsters even cursing spells on Upon The Kraken, Deciphering The Nightmare or The Arrival – really happens in your ugly face sooner that you might think – religious bastards. 

Bow In Requiem: