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Mala Nocka (Werewolf Promotion 2016)

   Metallic Pagan with the background mythology and folklore as well as traditionalism naturally going peacefully, slower attaches within the melodic and harmony of the Slavonic beliefs made and recorded by this Olysztyn (Poland) group named Stworz consisting of W. performing all the instruments and vocals; U. playing the bass guitar and Luty did the Folk instruments in this well being special offerings via Na Trzy Strony Slonca extended play album which mentioning all available tracks as instrumentals (for example don't let the flute hypnotizing you to sleep and woke up on another dimension in the past history - somewhere).
   One can see the moonlight shines exactly sparkling magic in the air as the old medieval tribes did their oral story-telling or playing the musical offering on Folk-ancient tempos and as the time is right for those Solstice rites in Summer celebrates previously like then now and next decade if you still can catching them doing it, songs without lyrics like Po Kwiat Paproci (In Search For Fern Flower) or OPornaku/ w Swietym Gaju (Morning/In a Sacred Grove) as well as Ze Sloncem (With Sun) trusted to be releasing onto dark air tonight – carrying the miracles wishes and prayers of a different musical rhyming beats and language that you cannot understand – led the pack to migrates while reading the signs of natural mother and father time over this materials tape.

Na Tryz Strony Slonca: