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Magnet Pull (Distort Entertainment 2010)

   Having guest musicians like Nuno Pereira from A Wilhelm Scream, Liam Cormier (Cancer bats) or Sam Carter off Architects for the lead/backing vocals on their fifth albums so far for the career on Comeback Kid’s Hardcore and Post-Punk group hailing themselves from Winnipeg, Manitoba and this time consisting of Jeremy Hiebert (guitars), Andrew Neufeld (vocals), Kyle Profeta (drums) to Casey Hjelmberg (guitars) and Matt Keil (bass) as it seems to be that Comeback Kid jumping off the cliffs freely towards problems of the entire world and try to finding the peace of mind results that ever been waiting to achieved for so long through Symptoms + Cures as the album release; with no silly craze but the serious themes available and spreading shouts aloud as the for fuck’s sake to whatever may listening to this angst anthems as like Balance, Because of All The Things You Say, Crooked Floors, Do Yourself a Favor or Manifest – deeply crushing the wall barriers and thus commercial system thoughts of the lame duck society to be conscious back seeing the reality and struggles against the pressures from the giant corporate greedy boss leaders.

Symptoms + Cures: