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Madness Song (Quixotic Records 2000)

The son of Roy Harper with his guitar play performance is the one – Nick Harper as this England, UK guitarist can amaze your ears and the hearing rooms as his probability of none-existing numbers may filled out the air as the likes for Folk/Country and Pop-Rock independent on the discussions of these semi-acoustic and lively version of Pink Floyd simple tunes and atmosphere reacts within the releasing of this third recording from the man himself – entitled Harperspace. 

As the World-wide musical blends through the simplicity or the progressive artistic techniques and Folkish voices from Nick pressing the audience to listen carefully, to these messages disguising as lyrics on Aeroplane, Karmageddon, Kettledrum Heart onto Watching The Stars and Roomspin or She Rules My World – resemblance the conquest of romantic love absurd and mystical secrets of the planet may not far from where you presence stands.