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Machine Scared (Starr Score Holdings 2014)

   Sacrificial the soldiers made by the final ending of World War II for the European zone on the Nazi’s Berlin area as the battle-hardening rampage of hammering US Second Armored Division led by a Sherman M4 easy eight tank called Fury encouraging the entire war-movie of  the leadership Staff Sergeant Don “Wardaddy” with his trusted loyal crew gunmen Boyd “Bible”, Grady Coon-ass; “Gordo” Garcia with a driver-bow gunner Red – soon being killed and replaced by private Norman Ellison (a former clerk typist) as they’re assigning to go deeper penetrates the German’s rural town areas; meeting more horrific experience and panorama of devastating war victims and wreckage Hitler’s youth attacks, children soldiers, Panzerfaust anti-tank rockets making heavily damages on your tank troops, more seized places with people being misplaced, migrates or just hang-to-kill on the roadside which explaining that human’s life back there are cheapest than freedom. Forces being ambushed and triggers a bit too fast or too late to pull – saving lives losing more; romance touches from the good German beauties that dies later miserably … Given Norman the real taste and story to keep and then, tells to his old aging years if he survived this event. 
   Anger troops and crew over un-important things or a stopping by under the peaceful green trees where only gusty winds do the talk to your skin; recaptures an entire subjects and objects around the reality of WW II on European soil, especially the German’s country-side. The track-listed scoring soundtrack remarkably performed and composing by Steven Price would not gladly – kind but honest enough by showing thus annihilation total and the devastate of social structures among the Germans as Refugees, April 1945, The War is Not Over; Ambush, The Battlefield, Airfight, The Town Square and The Apartment reveals the lost love sightings with a local girl named Emma, the four against one shoot-out of Sherman tanks versus Tiger Tank battle or Crossroads viciously; taken the entire spirits of men to holding on to his own decision in order to prevails freedom and democracy against all cause; domestic or foreign as the immobilizing SS battalion shelling and bombards the last standing heroes inside Fury – fighting to prevents the lethal enemy penetrating the perimeters of theirs.

Fury (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):