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Lot Of Opus (Pacific Records 2017)


   Martin Guigui’s project directed movie based on the same day event of that horrific hijacked plane attacks on the twin towers of New York city but on the inside different perspective and much thrilling moments as much as also the dramatic and heart-felt events captures within 9/11.
Starring Charlie Sheen, Gina Gershon, Luiz Guzman, Olga Fonda to Whoopi Goldberg; the turning of the regular days for some of these characters like – a billionaire Jeffery Cage whose ready to divorcing with his wife Eve with heir papers to signed, Eddie the maintenance man, young Russian escort girl Tina to messenger Michael and the building surveillance named Metzie. 
   The introductions that turns to be a small talks around them sets inside one of the elevator of WTC buildings as then the terrorist strike hits the other building causing the huge shaking felt by everyone as the elevator went broke and stop. 
He next hours of fearful questions and anxious and further explanations from each and every characters finally, reveals the terrible events happening outside and will struck them too in unpredictable times as the survivors trying to get out hand in hands. 
   Songs of 9/11 by various artists did breaks the atmosphere over the phobias, the casualties and the angles of the happening events being shot and documented like it is should  as the news anchors and authority also panic to evacuates as many living souls as possible before all the building collapses. Ron Weinreich singing I’ll Remember You My Friend, O-Town’s Line and Circles, Heaven’s Calling by Robert Randolph & The Family Band, Ryan Hiller focusing to hope via Gotta Survive, Patty Smyth singing Broken or Tears (Lotus Mix) by Kennidy may reflecting the entire scenes where the almost divorcing couple went back to find their romance flicks as well as the suspicious sooner turning to relationships among humanity attached inside the elevator that eventually, finding its way to be evacuated by fireman but not everyone get that lucky as Jeffrey were the last to stay there and fell to his death while the others crying broken and hysterical ends the first stage of that horror moment as it happens and the world watching.