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Looking For Love (Italians Do It Better 2016)

   A bit colder session of acclaimed recordings play by the Portland, Oregon’s Electronic sounds consistency group formed by Ruth Radelet, Adam Miller, Nat Walker and Johnny Jewel critically as they’re naming themselves as Chromatics in Lo-Fi Pop-Synth ranging operates musical formula for this seventh releasing mixture on New Wave, Synth-Pop or Down-tempo Electro popularity gloomy but sensual at the same time – Cherry (the album) may causing romantic bitterness for the listening over Ceremony, At Your Door, Candy (Original Version), I Can’t Keep Running and Vertigo shall fulfilling your hearing with sensations of sparks and soft colors to blend within the creativity beats of a heart.

Not cherishing the visuals and the remedy from the non-cured bleed or the one hundred tears wiping the death of a beauty …