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Look The Mirror (Comfortable On A Tightrope 2010)

   “Always outsider – sometimes legendary” off Lancashire’s surfing group (The) Former Bullies but the Garage Rock confusing and Lo-Fi to non-artificial cassette album over 100 copies only like has been seen walking through Manchester, UK street via Seasoned – the recording number two on being bullied now by the mono-sounds.
   Wilson B Crying, As The Sun, Celebrate, Sick Day, It Might Be OK, Look Into The Mirror and 26 may showing their electability sounds of old days even though produced after the new millennium anthem contributes as if its fascinating on raw methods over Pop-Indie and wah-wah a’la The Stooges before they met Iggy Pop or something sounded awful old from the sparks on flower generations that pops out here. 

You figure out yourself if you love or hate a musical of Bo Radleys.