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Logic Of Tyrants (Columbia Pictures Industries 2016)

   Figuring out that his memory-loss turns to skin-rash then caught in a middle of conspiracy theory dangerous actions after waking up in a hospital in Florence without remembering things before – Professor Robert Langdon soon realized that he got out in time with a help from Dr. Sienna Brooks whom he knew while a policewoman came in and firing shots to kill him as they’re figure out the next chapter of this mystery tales on Inferno connecting with an insane plan from a billionaire geneticist whose obsessed with Dante’s Inferno works and also believed in his rigorous measurement that necessarily reduce our over-populated earth human growth by potential creating hazardous virus to decimate the cleansing of mankind before everything’s started a renew by Zobrist while Langdon consciously begin to remember and revealing some clues towards this strange bigger cases from his amnesia by observing the Boticelli’s Map of Hell painting filled up with sinners being tortured over layers of their crime-commits through a secret miniature image projector on Sienna’s apartment before they both running out of time being chased by both the policewoman and the rest of World Health Organization agents led by Elizabeth Sinskey (Langdon’s old girlfriend) or SRS team led by Christoph Bouchard while Zobrist suicide himself three days before the event started. Hans Zimmer producing very well related compositions of instrumental tracks scoring music to the movie; Cerca Trova, I’m Feeling A Tad Vulnerable, Maybe Pain Can Save Us, Vanyetha, The Cistern or Beauty Awakens The Soul to Act reliable through the most intense and thrilling moments after another while Professor Langdon and Sienna knowledges and intuitions must go on to opening all the clues to find the exact location and how the horrible virus to creating the sixth extinction and global disaster from occurs; found the Death Mask hidden to be found by the visiting to Venice’s Saint Marco Cathedral only to showing that Sienna is betraying Langdon because she’s actually – lying about her relationship and promises to her beloved boyfriend – Zobriest to finish the mission; leaving Langdon whom shocked to knowing the fact but then luckily, uniting with Elizabeth and the WHO team after being released by CRC secret agent – Mr. Sims to directly stopping Sienna to releasing the air-borne virus from a point somewhere inside the Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Turkey.
   The crowded underground ancient aqua-duct called Yerebatan Sarayi or drowning castle as tourists and rich-people came down to witnessing the incredible acoustic sounds of the annual Summer’s Solstice concert orchestra as the WHO team finally intercepts Sienna and her team from exploding the virus and containing it in properly quick response with plenty casualties and panic situations. Langdon remembers everything since the benzodiazepine injection stop working and Inferno might becoming a future real case if we didn’t start do something about our over-populated problems …

Inferno (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):