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Loafer Assembly (Not On Label 2013)

   Adelaide – Aussie non-repetitions of fully loaded violent exchanged simplicity via Groove Metal/Death Metal/Grind’s blast beats just like Pantera getting copulates to Fear Factory in an experiment laboratory that would be sounded as terrifying as this active record compilations from Adam Messenger, Dave Jiannis, James Cain, Matt Chubb and Simon Durrant from In:Extremis not just writing thus themes about terror or alchemist but very well living with it non-comfortly telling theirs to you through this album entitled The Evolution of Chaos where Industrial meets Grindcore in their most extravaganza ways fucking fast, drumming like machine and perfect growler vocals renew the state of both Old-School and New School impressions captured within the riot street smoking gas and shield with secret society symbol controlling the masses and the authority to clash on each other as plotted. 
   Surface Tension, Bleed of Pride, Blindfold, Flesh Test, Corrosion, Hybrid Scarifier and PC37 and Quickshifter will definitely destroying any stereo system dare to open the chance for playing the record onto the volume above ten and dooming the entire places down collapsing.

The Evolution Of Chaos: