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Lisztomania (V2/Loyaute 2009)

   Within their own ideas on aliases over the real naming members like Thomas Croquet aka Thomas Mars on vocals, Laurent Mazzalai aka Laurent Brancowitz aka Branco is a real brother to guitarist Christian Mazzalai or Frederic Moulin aka Deck D’Arcy the bass player joining this French Electronic-Pop band – Phoenix (of) Versailles as the west suburb of Paris after a while on releasing albums then came this fourth one entitled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix within their combination of simple popular and commercial tracks tuning for any Indie-Pop, Pop-Rock lovers elsewhere and as the bomb drops by them; you might easily listening and fallen in love to those repertoire songs available in the making for personal, public and chart-lists purposes via the radio hits Fences, Love Like a Sunset Part I and II; Lasso, Rome to Countdown and 1901 as the format of their music really really interesting even though they’re sounding softly wrapped by romantic themes and young-life relationship on the run …

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix: