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Liquored Lacquered (TVT Records 2000)

   Being a brave girl since she’s little – Gracie Hart turning to be a dedicated, tough agents in the FBI working her ass in some dangerous missions but never quite enjoying her social life until the threat of a terror figure named The Citizen leads FBI to investigates the clues over some kinds of evil plan to ruining the Miss American beauty pageant with Ms. Hart leaving her desk job punishment back to be an undercover field agent again – disguising as one of the contestant in San Antonio, TX.
As Gracie Lou Freebush from New Jersey as the comedy situated around the atmosphere filled with many beautiful girls really caught her teaming up boys behind the camera monitors as well as the surprising re-shapes of her appearance by the great work of beauty pageant expert Victor; befriended with other contestants as well as showing her skills on glass harping to self-defense techniques. 
   The audience can also meeting other figures like the the competition director Kathy Morningside, Frank Tobin – her stupid assistant, MC Stan Fields and too much flicks that deploys to make you burst in laughs instantly through Miss Congeniality starring Sandra Bullock. For the (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) filling within Electronic, Hip-Hop, Latin, Funk/Soul and Pop to Rn’B and Synth-Pop or Ballad swings by various artists such as Salt ‘N’ Pepa, Baha Men, Southern Culture on The Skids or Classics tunes covers over Dancing Queen (A Teens*), Bosson singing  One in a Million, Tom Jones asking us to dance silly via She’s A Lady (The BT Remix) as well as Los Lobos performing – Mustang Sally must be fits almost perfectly, through this drama-comedy goodie with lots of babes on bikinis featured within the girls conversations and of course, the heroic story of Gracie Hart and friends saving the beauty pageant from a blown up crowning.

OST Miss Congeniality: