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Lihoplesi Feather (Black Mara 2015)

Listening to the mystic music sounds from the depth of the ancient forest as ethnic instruments witnessing the ritualistic acts of Ambient and Dance-Folk of the atmosphere made onto surface by the enchanted lost performance from Nubiferous circling their sounds between star’s ashes or shards of lights and sparks the flames shaking through rhythms of leisured games in captive faded not never – as the silver needle sticking the curses to your collections; Dark-Folk, Ambient Ritual and Instrumental Neo-Folk as thus tribal horn echoing the drum-beats as the signals of preparations.

The audience stunned as the reborn spirits of the forest’s god and creatures celebrating the spring chants over themes written and arranged in softer well play from the project entitled Primeval Forest Hymns listenable the rest of fourteen tracks miraculously, magical and hallucinating like 7666.7, Ridge of Fiery Owls, Els, Witching Rings, Ognetsvet; Zatvor, Korochun/Muhomornoe Pogruzhenie, Old Forest Cult/Rise of Shadethicket or Source of Lunar Waters seems to be opening the clues upon the sacred book on those whom requires to entering their half-trance world to transforming into something wiser and embracing the old ways back behind the last cold weather and the rising sun-bath’s lit …

Primeval Forest Hymns: