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Life Of The Party (Sony Classical 2014)

   Various Artists supporting this remarkable movie testifying about how someone with his average living can showing lots of compassionate to the minority and products of society’s broken heartache such as intravenous drug addicts, trans-genders, lesbians and gay clubbers as starting with his diagnosed while he still working as an electrician and rodeo cowboys having aids with several days limit before it’s getting worse; as all people around him having this similarity thoughts about Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) evicted an unprotected sex person with hookers or he just turning orientations as homosexual but getting a little bit helpful by the advising Dr. Eve Saks on the AZT drug and placebo receiver that seems to be working for the determine aids patients of hers before Dr. Vass background by his american medical license that the drug he’s taken for quite times is poisonous – did stopping Woodroof from keep using it. Mirculously, after that over a year RonWoodroof still alive not getting worst and now selling drugs to the gay-bars and nightclubs where he contacting his old colleague the trans-gender named Rayon (Jared Leto) having their business together with gross established profits as Dallas Buyers Club; charging the memberships for four hundred bucks per month; researching by Dr. Saks as a medication by alternative user on drugs but because it’s illegal, the acquired interferon doses can causing severe heart-attacks which did not happening leads FDA to threat Woodroof to be arrested as they’ve got a warrant to raiding the place. Dallas Buyers Club showing us how normal people can design their own lives either becoming a useful well-known figures among the society or doing wrong things for a bigger picture in saving life as started with something smaller.
   The VA Music From and Inspired by the movie throwing some of thus classics tunes of older and newer ones from Hell and Back (The Airborne Toxic Event), Following Morning (The Naked and Famous), Shuggie Otis singing Sweet Thang; Tegan and Sara having Shudder To Think as other names like Marc Bolan, Portugal The Man, Neon Trees, Fitz and The Tantrums or Blondfire; with then – Rayon dies followed by the trial over Ron accusing for the conduct on illegal-drug selling business both in US and Mexico but Peptide T reveals to be used for personal provisioning as the effects approved on Ron showing compassion by the court been releasing from all the FDA accuses living for seven years predictable as the doctor said before died because of aids.

Music From and Inspired by Dallas Buyers Club: