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Lick My Lady (Funky Ass Records 1997)

   American rapper as he being born in Bronx – NYC as Keith Matthew Thornton as the founding member for Ultramagnetic MC’s performing their Old-School style sounded seems like forever always be the eighties turning to nineties era music of the Blacks for the next addition towards notable Hip-Hop and Rap Music genre and local scenes known later on by many aliases but uniquely promising came out as your pimpin’ messenger of the lyrics and rhyming beats as Kool Keith. Working together with other legendary names like Ice-T, Tim Dog, The Automator or Godfather Don with the first attempts for sexy, fame and money or more tapping ass, smooching babes or bitches extensively, on the releasing of them man’s own debut over Sex Style – the representing soundtrack to the soft-porn actions where all the ladies can moaning hard without being tortured too much or the gang-bang temporary eliminations for the best experiences on having sexual activity on the camera with so many dirty foreign girls you can naming them all as the beats continues to arousing your libido while driving the empty streets.
The incoming bounce of your custom cars and weed-smoking and the gangsta life breaking the rules also captured within the tracks of the album such as Regular Girl, Make Up Your Mind, Sly We Fly, Stuck on Pussy Drive, The Mack is Back or Plastic World to Little Girls – got helped from KutMasta Kurt to Motion Man. 

Here to represent – Bronx and Nu-Yawk !

Sex Style: