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Leave No Man Behind (Universal Classics Group 2001)

Special operation force secretly, sent to destabilized the government which led by the local fearful warlord – Mohamed Farrah Aidid as the later well-known battle of Mogadishu – Somalia where the US troops consisting of 75 th Rangers, Delta Force and 160th SOAR altogether trying to capture the aiming faction of fanatic rebels and liberate the hostile spot wider around Bakara Market area. This ninety-three real event made into the war-film directed by Ridley Scott with the title – Black Hawk Down; the almost failure mission from American authority to spreading democracy towards the third world majority moslem countries like this one as the casualties and killed personnel are lucky to be evacuated or returning back after the incident. 
The plan that seems to be predicted to be easy and faster took almost the soldiers last hours being trapped in the middle of “bee-hives” area with road blockades and burning tires; under the hundreds AK’s shelling like hell-rains and RPG terrifying every movement of the US troops humvee parade even though the consolidation with UN troops and the capturing of some top advisers of Farrah Aidid did make a difference but still – the horror to escaping the place wasn’t truly easy. 
Fell soldiers, shot-wounds and grenade or explosion effects causing most of the combatants down to their lowest spirits but luckily, SSG Matt Eversmann – the young ranger can leads his troops and other to keep on hoping and fight until the rescue team coming back. The RPG targeting the combat helicopters also making problems to the US troops – as they’re not only must surviving their asses out but also moving places as the positions of thus crash-sites must be maintained secures. 
Too many heroes wounded or dead that day with names like LTC Danny McKnight, SPC Shawn nelson, SSG Ed Yurek to SPC Lance Twombly and CW4 Michael Durant – the surviving crash-pilot among others background by those scoring screen music of instrumentals composed by Hanz Zimmer and various artists combining the modern sounds and local heritage cultural Folk within Vale of Plenty, Barra Barra by Rachis Taha, Synchrotone, Tribal War, Of The Earth to Ashes to Ashes with Gortoz A Ran (Denez Prigent) and the iconic honorable Minstrel Boy keep the stillness of reprising spirits of the fallen soldiers and the rest to never surrender …