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Lapwing White (Independent 2016)

Interlaced distant audio exchanges visuals and sounds by two people living farther from each other might not be an impossible thing to do today – as the success of the combining works from the UK’ kid named Jack Bennett from the small village of North West Walsden – England and Kris Crummett from Portland – Oregon done the power-ridden of not too excellent but neat recording as the performance and writing materials are providing by them both as time taken must took their lives in the making but here you go and prove it yourself as the (perhaps, a silly jokes) over the naming of Grumble Bee on Disconnect contrasts with the reality that Jack Bennett playing almost everything inside the recording attempt from – drums, bass, guitars, piano/organ vocals and extra-percussion) with Kris Crummett mixing them and mastering the rest to finally, leaving your hearing audio room filled within these few of five proof of their existence in Emo-Rock genre tunes.

Nice logo for the group and Francium, Sky Writer or the smarter song-title like H.C.D.C (Hi, Cue A Diamond Crime) would raising someone interest to try …