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Langue Sanglante 32 (Independent 2017)

   Nancy, Lorraine – France’s Industrial and Post-Black Metal unit of the trio stranger: Lvx (vocals, electronic), A-152 (guitars, bass, electronic) and Scree (guitars) initially made their presence group acronym off BVDK or Bree Van De Kamp writing the scarring history of signaling destruction among youth, personal experiences, gods and parties that closer to the death side as their eight bursting elements of mechanical pleasure intimidations and extreme sights fully length recording on one single disc called the portraying album that BVDK calls Architecture Of Future Tribes digitally, just like mankind digging up their excessive force on creations by mimicking the figure of their own creator god and making the clones or the duplicate as the life breathing awaits to be blown and the roar living thing shall make an entire community losing their recent faith to the new age of a highly developed technology god of man is man themselves. 
   Total annihilation music, fast drumming and riff-age like growler screams tempting humanity to worship another one and another one godless era as Snatcher, Surreptitious Cluster, Nana Buluku and Bahir Dar demolish the firing baptism from the Black Metal death to the re-curing temptation on the world order taking steps to reign the living hell out of heaven – becoming one universally with the demonic sinful saint.

Architecture Of Future Tribe: