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La Verdad (Sabotage Records 2017)

Parts of the anarchist Death Rock, Punk-Hardcore and Power-Pop manipulated by the Bremen music label but these Barcelona rock-heads independent crew won’t be feeling like their privacy for rioting on the streets or protested confrontation against the new world order leaders and army stopped from continuing as well thus freedom of speech or lyrics writing just like this self-titled recording album of Enamorados.
Not really devoted to the meaningful of the chosen word as “In Love” – the anarchist work of arts felt there’s nothing wrong for their efforts on cranking-out louder of their favorite simple riffs and musical progress through the simplicity and New Wave Garage mixture with Spanish language screaming lyrics available for these seven tracks from Mi Agujero, Vamos a Arder, Esa Penumbra and Todos Dicen and Rompe Mi Interior – came in such flashy smart bombs after you reaching for your translating pocket device or dictionary online before joining the rest of this rebellion !