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La Rentree (Bandcamp 2016)

Not your indie home-recording cassette weirdo music but yep, the ingredients of Experimental Garage and Post-Punk Synth really sounding too familiar to be enjoyed by the regular audience as these performers and recording maker group naming themselves Stratocastors with the ensemble played by Jerome, Seb, Danny and Marius won’t be that cheaper easy to listening for your average ears. 
The combinations between seminal Hardcore-Pop, Synth-Electro, French sarcastic lyrics onto the half-nuts percentage off the grid by The Misfits meet RHCP captured in a small barrel would be describing the eight tracks like Saint Francoise, Total, Architector and Portable truly opening the whole new meaning for the word experimental alternative; here on the album of smiling Barbie silly doll - Autre Regard releasing by Stratocastors !

Autre Regard: