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La Guerre Baleze (EMI/Amanita 2007)

   Animation for adults and biographical movie from the Marjane Satrapi works of graphic novel entitled Persepolis  - the ancient Iranian city made the alliance for French-Iran descends that telling the audiences a story connected and behind the red-lining out the back-dropping over the terrible Islamic revolution in Iran historically with the flavored Punk rebel-attitudes following a young girl – Merji living her entire childhood life witnessing the SAVAK agency trying to kill as many communists and destroying the left-society movements backed-up by Mossad and CIA making kids fighting another kids for their parents different political affiliation beliefs. Later on more political learning came for Marji from her Uncle Anoosh as being a runaway from government’s police for rebelling as the next election brought the destruction devastating falling of power from the constitutional Shah of Iran as our young girls whose wanted to be a disciple and prophet like Bruce Lee facing the reality as her family profoundly upset for the rise of fundamentalist Islam leading the commence of power and the loss of faith over her beloved uncle’s execution.
The frustration then drawn onto the family and herself as grown-up living with the banned of alcohol, secret buying for westerners black markets such as heavy Metal and Iron Maiden, Punk and Denim jacket to Michael Jackson sensations almost lead to the arresting on Marji but before it happens her parents sending her out to Austria where she lived with Catholic nuns before they’re kicking her out for insulting. Meeting with retired philosophy teacher whom actually, a homosexual or debonair native – Markus whom cheating on Marji and sending the poor girl out on the street park, got ill really bad, she almost die. 
   Being saved with the conscious on believing for god and Karl Marx; these foreign movie really might caught your attention closer as the soundtrack themes of both composing Classics instrumentals, modern Rock and Anarchist Pop or animation scoring made tremendously by Olivier Bennett for Bande Originale du Film Persepolis as Love and Hate, Flower Power, Tout Ce Qui Est A Vous M’Appartient or Dans La Vie Tu Rencontreras Boucoup De Cons, Rosen Aus Dem Suden (Hormones), Marche Persane, Le Proletariat as well as Le Bonne Lecon would little by little capturing the very much alive essential particles of dusty sad and tragedy moment happening in someone else life. Ending not surprisingly, shows as the mature version of Marji decided to coming back to Iran facing all thus intolerable for women to develops but with her determination and spirits of her grandparents telling her to not forgetting her nationality identity – smoking before take her luggage on the airport terminal of Paris-Orly and staying true to herself as promised.