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Kingdom Blackbird (Scarlet Records 2011)


   Finnish Symphonic Metal active band with their own female singer having the good angelic voice and high-range power to amaze your ears completely like the fitting music for the Nightwish fans is Dotma – the name simply to remember as the medieval fantasy themed group from Hyvinkaa, Uusimaa brought the Power Metal basic as comprising the members: bassist Aapo Lindberg, Harri Koskela (keyboards), Joonas Pykala-Aho on drums, Leo Saarnisalo and Niko Kalliojarvi the double guitarists onto Johanna Lesonen the vocalist for releasing their full-length recording album called Sleep Paralyses as Dotma crew bursting the Folk-Rock, Symphonic Metal and Power Speed progressions onto one particular package – so beautiful to be ignored by any of rock music fans !
   Listen to their tracks like Reborn, Silent Sunshine, Indian Fall and Whispering and tell yourself that this is pretty magical as the journey passing the dream gates brought you there to the envisioning spot to begin.

Sleep Paralyses: