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Kinetic Dogma (Sun & Moon Records 2011)

   Scares after one feeling that it is real creepy on trying to listen over the unpredictable Avant-Garde of Post-Black Metal Polish’ s band by the name of Mord A’Stigmata with the single blasting music and screaming vocals to the bit of extreme levels going to bursts permanently, by these Krakow crew of satanic technology menace members under the terrible names like Golem XIV (guitars), Ion on bass/vocals, Static for the guitars/synthesizer equipment and YGG the drummer unleashing their mixture sounds between old days fast Black Metal with the more extremist Melodic Death Metal ritual music deafening not disguising because these troops given the severe injections for those whom dare to listening to them.
The works of dark-alliance of the Bochnia-based local seismic terrors by the second offering albums from their catalog must be a good way to start liking them. 
A   ntimatter releasing with all of the complete ways around the lyrics, riff-age and songs of intellectual scientific plus anti-religious materials as well as the artworks that related within thus geometric hidden signs displayed as the relentless abrasive minded tracks like Blood of The Universe, De Magnum Opus or …It Writes The Names of Ghosts and Eternity is Pregnant – might be the unwell situations next to your worst nightmare giving birth to equivalent of the in-between good and evil injustice that humans won’t easily understands as a result.