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Killer House Whale (Self-Released 2015)

   Nashville Pop-Rock or Appalachian Electro-mixed tour beats in D.I.Y by the Indie-Pop crew of (guitar, bass, synth plus vocals) by Scott Hermo to (drums, percussion plus some guitars) by John Lewandoeski with Ellen Ivy McGuirk on vocals onto organist Srujan Bethi leaning these Montclaire – New Jersey’s Boyscott group in the making to release of their recording outdoors base on a lake surface after the winter onto spring arrangements in such a catchy Pop-tunes boating session in Blonde Blood, Marco Polo, R.I.P Sophie Moore, Embarrassingly Enough onto Sinking Down or Sleepaway through their short-lives duration needed to be seriously, took out and shares not as fantastic masterpiece yet but thus Goose Bumps literary meaning that struck down your average daily statements standard in melancholy upbeat looks deliciously, sells !

Goose Bumps: