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Kick Magnetic Fields (Koch Records 2006)

   There was a time when one might luckily, meet the other format of melodious trio female of the nineties semi-rebellion Indie-Pop rocker chicks style gathering group community via Some Girls with Juliana Hatfield, Freda Love and Heidi Gluck playing their sweet Pop-tuning on Alternative Rock pleasure over the Jangle-Pop and fine harmony covering thus lyrics that carrying honest messages and positive thinking ideas for female sociable everywhere to stay stronger and don’t stepping down whether you you that you’re right not wrong to make your own independent decisions rather than being stirred over by parents or men’s iron hands ruling down your freedom of choices – as more predictable to the unpredictable ones kind of problems facing the next generations of the new millennium community which approaching the more communicable presence for thus messages being send to the right hearing session fan-based via the second half-commercial attempts recording from these girls entitled – Crushing Love. 

   With thus Country-Pop, Indie Rock and Alternative Folk-Pop jangling mostly, in melodious releases possible as female intuitions holds the grip but always adapting to ensures that Hooray For L.A, Partner in Crime, Poor Man’s You, Is This What I’ve been Waiting For ?, Stars in My Dreams or He’s on Drugs Again – really shaping the progress of stranded minds or lonely people for not stopping to believe in hope cause when they’re continuing to dream high, there will be no such things as crawling low to trying out and make differences started within oneself.

Crushing Love: