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Khayalan Raih (Aurora Records 2008)

   Led by the sons of Indonesian legendary Hard Rock singer Achmad Albar’s young kin transforming as Fachry “Ai” Albar and Fauzy “Ozzy” Albar on vocals/drums; with his old school days friends as the formation completed by Nara Putra (guitar), Sain namora (bass) and Zaindar Putra on guitar; contributes by the rest of them and collaboratively – written materials before the band’s name changing permanently to Jibriel (like the Gabriel angel as the group also influenced by their favorite songs of their dad’s old rock tunes) but different by the divided sounds as Jibriel came to the new millennium stages carrying their Emo-Rock/Modern Rock and Alternative music sounded like a half Rock n’Roll troubadour style meets thus experimental sounds to attaches through the spirits of making a better rock sounds for their country scene to develops more.
The themes telling stories about the bitterness of life-experiences or friendships, love to the loss or many things inspiring themselves to wrote down a good lyrics and wiser thoughts sharing as the provided album release on … Memecah Kesunyian gave you; Hinaan Yang Hilang, Selalu Untuk Selamanya, Diakhir Waktu; Takkan Kulupakan, Bayang or Dendam been released via thus darker Goth-waving silhouette of broken romance sound-track for the broken (think about My Chemical Romance smaller haunting show).

Memecah Kesunyian: