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Jump Floor Muds (Dim Mak 2013)

Used to be in a local group called Boys Will Be Boys but for the talented producer and Electro-House-Techno DJ Angger Dimas being a last man standing alone is quite deliberating as he turns out from nobody to climbing up internationally, as an elite collections for the top-priority disc jockeys around the world-wide as Jakarta-Indonesia might still be his home-town but the planet needs more good dancing music like EDM and Pop-Techno or Progressive House – just like his ability to remixed most of the working titles and Angger Dimas releasing record under the project source entitled – Angger Management might putting your prestige valueable listening program choice a new like this tasty one. 
Electronic House and Techno blasts melodic and sparkling Pop-culture life embarks easily as one playing the songs on it; with the companion helps from Steve Aoki, Jevin Julian, D.O.D and Vandalism the gimmick on re-touching tracks with a twisting point of views in a good un-manner ways that can bewildering girls and drunken pals to energizing their spirits within the alcohol drinks and the scratches/mixture in-between tracks like Release Me (VIP Album Mix) featuring Polina, Ahhh!, Speakers Bout To Blow feat. Will Brennan, Assassin; Take A Breath featuring Cassie Crawford or World Wide Love and Hollywood as the complete repertoire for the beloved audiences whom craving for best quality sounds and music as being sent from the DJ himself through his works. 

Let the volume grow louder …

Angger Management: