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Jealousy One Two (Virgin 1998)

   Born in Elk Grove, Chicago – Illinois as carrying his old talents for creating good song-writings and romance attachments within; James Yoshinobu Iha is the Japanese-American rocker whom used to be having all of his time as Alternative legends within the long and wider expands of Rock Music career with The Smashing Pumpkins as one of the founders.
By the standard self-releasing and written creative over his first solo album since the vacuum periods on his previous works with the best band in the Alternative world as Billy Corgan did as well leaving James Iha to stranded but never faded and for his consciousness thoughts – Let It Come Down was born/arrive. 
   Soft music and unique vocals whom used to be backing the lead singer for Siamese Dreams or Millencollie recording discs is now leading his own fate – way of harmony by the guidance melodies performs within Be Strong Now, See The Sun, Country Girl, Lover Lover onto Silver String and Winter – telling your ears slowly that No One’s Gonna Hurt You …

Let It Come Down: