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Je Suis Malade (Yume Records Oy 2013)

   Hailing the Scandinavian picturing looks of herself representing the heavenly Pop-Music sounds from Helsinki, Finland – this singer and songwriter woman with the ability to play piano as unique like no other would be stated over her presence; Saara Aalto can make Europe cannot get enough out of her as the hearting Pop princess and UK newspaper flashing her big time as the international stardom destiny symbolized with her as the second most searchable in Finland google engine as well as Estonian magazine announcing her as the world famous' angel/pixel in dark-haired.
   You Had My Heart is her fourth album recording of Pop-Dance and Alternative Indie Rock sequel to the other presentations from Saara Aalto since her beginning career rising stars for Pop Music Europe and Can I Keep The Picture ? (banjo by Riku Kantola), You Gotta Go, My Bird, Without You as arranged by Teemu Roivainen; as you may hearing the good music blended as through the gorgeous young vocals that needs to admitted as powerful grounding with the addition for choir like Anna Husgafvel, Camilla Backman, Emmi Salo, Lida Laine, Linda Palin to Pia Kukkonen and Sanna Ukkonen with Serge Lama projecting the essential brand new Dance-Pop album – like your 10 O’Clock pre-party form beautiful prom dating.

You Had My Heart: