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Jasmina Moon (Alfa Matrix 2014)

   Kinds of Symphonic Gothic-Rock presentation from a Belgian band with Ladyhell composing the lead vocals and lyrics; Corpus Christi (guitars, composer), Nicho Brynin on bass guitar and Nico Davel behind the drums. These Dark Rock alternative metal half-growling plus sensual voices of the strong female intuitions adapting Pop-tunes onto their sounds as well – fronted the disguises Electronic-tinged and Pop-Rock for their thicker Dark Symphonic Goth Metal and beautiful eerie orchestrations over the second full length album called Japanese Robot Invasion by Lovelorn Dolls. The great choices to listen for those whom addicted to the worldly of online spooks or theory conspiracy romance beats may loving to have them on the stereo system; divided to two discs which being an original one to the remixes other.
   CD 1 consisting of almost all best recording songs you shall craving a lot from the basic beats to the notable melodies to the outside effects coming in together to hypnotizing everyone. Long Awaited Kiss or The Thrill, Just Like Heaven or Curse of The Crab as well as Wolf Inside or the remixes from CD 2: Robots Are Coming like Miss Friday Night (Zeitgeist Zero RMX) to many other works off Junksista RMX and Beyond Violet’s 80’s Synthrmx – sooner or later can causing side-effects for falling in love too much and suicidal after celebrating the infamous danger over Happy Valentine !

Japanese Robot Invasion: