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Japko Kompot (Bizarre Leprous Productions 2018)

If you like Gutalax or Spasm – then you’re definitely, loving to have this shitty malignant gory group simply named Bum as the alcoholic Gastro-Porno/Goregrind band off somewhere out the North part of Czech Republic lunatics as once should be some members of another sickening group called Deaf & Dumb & Bonesaw The Brains as these killer bass-line madness masturbating Grind-gore fans making things collectively available for anyone whom listening to their disaster destructible sound of music by the Heavy Metal extreme grinding invited people to practice the way of ruling maggot-eaten and cannibalism converts to whom this surely, concerning faster. 

1% recording shows the equal handshake for the dead by the mutilated personal losing their dignity pride and their body parts – being served to be a tasty meal dinner for the appetite needs to be fulfilled by everything’s rotten just like the extreme slammers off the tracks brutality like Cokoladovy Lanyz, Nakladany Burizone, Hemennexxx, Gulas Nosorasz cut likes the stuck pig within Vaprove na Zampionech or Sifon – blasting out as sickening themes you never ever imagine before this happening !