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Jack Menace Prime ( 2011)

   Industrial Electronic blender music from Britain with the trademark brands of its robotic transforming vocals that makes Portion Control – within the names like Dean Piavanni, John Whybrew to Ian Hicks or Ian Sharp in possibility; blockades your inner sanctum consciousness whilst the entire recording from the group in Wellcome – album played beneath your unconscious dreams of Electro-Industrial experiments by the minimalist point of views or the ideas collectively, divided onto several cells of intersection by the old cooper cables through some sub-titles like Beef or Mutton or even Viscose.
   Just like a menu choice for those whom wanted to ordering kinds of kebab meals within the projector of Electro-magnetic experiments sounding beat-makers over either – Earl of Kennington, Lozenge, Craze, Paralyzed, Stair 4 or those other choices due to the dance-able tracks tuning on Xfrontiervanilla, Parasite and 319 Rip of Electric Hymn – must be a small explosion pops like the invisible pimples around your midlife crisis problematic issues needing for a daily cure from decaying.