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In Bleakness (Rain Without End 2018)

   Athens, Greece ritual of Atmospheric Black Metal extremities plus the melodic Doom and Death Metal clearance thriving performance by Thomas Motsios (drums), Aris Nikoleris (keyboards), Giannis Koskinas (bass), Fillipos Koliopanos and Dimitra Zarkadoula (guitars) and lead singer Charalabos Babis Oikonomopoulos closely, fits for them whose being the fanatic fans on Enshine or October Tide by musical depression and narrated demonic background before the recording release of a debut: Nightfall’s Lament – recorded by these unit metallic band Ocean Of Grief.
Hanging in between the ravine and bottomless pit down below shone by the moonlight serenade chanting death is calling to you whom disbelief the ultimate faith of power heaviest metallic extreme mastering like this album blasts in mid-tempo orchestration and melodic harmony buried the dying souls and The Breeding of Death among ruins and the resurrection via Eyes of Oblivion, Mourning Over Memories, Fiend of The Overlord and The Release of The Soul; doomy bashing as darkness reigning …

Nightfall's Lament: