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I’d Rather Die (Varese Sarabande 1992)

   So girls you wanted to live forever in all those beauties and sexiness comforting as men will all drooling to see you as the glimpse of jealousy belongs to the oldies which manipulative actress narcissistic awful on her broadway performance while she invites the long-time rival from the past – the aspiring female writer Helen Sharp for this Black Comedy Fantasy Death Becomes Her which sets on the seventy-eight attending the show only for losing her plastic surgeon fiance Ernest Menville. 
Depression, obese, revenge and fixating over psychiatric hospital for the breaks off everything in her lives then, suddenly getting brighter as the ninety-two the time changes as Madeline’s career faded as her marriage with Ernest dull, boring and miserable while the invitation from Helen – now sparkling as young as beauty than before; celebrating her new book expressing the newer life she gets as continues to confusing the attendance includes Madeline and Ernest before the miraculous mystery case leading them to the business card of Lisle von Rhoman – specializing in youth rejuvenation making slim for Helen as Madeline’s other lover also fell for a younger female – leaving her in deep depression for visiting the secret claimed by the novel Forever Young as a wealthy socialite of 71 years of age looking twenty nine as the revealing expensive potion with the promises on eternal life and everlasting beauty in appearance and the plot for killing Madeline by Helen to retaken Ernest her loves back meets on their cruel intersection. 
   The instrumental soundtrack tunes by Alan Silvestri gets the audiences to enjoying thus intrigue and the wicked and all that envy to jealousy feelings trapping humanity of those whom always sticking with depression and non-comforts for never being satisfied like being told over Women on The Verge, A Touch of Magic, Sempre Viva; Hurry Up Your Wimp onto Another Miracle where you might seeing plenty comedy and sarcasm thrown and explodes through-out the three characters trying to dominance another with special effects when the two women fighting and destroying each other bodies, faces and the broken bones and deformed looking twisting horror and creepy as well as hilarious to follow on the movie conflicts. 
The last of magic potion, the incidental death of Ernest Menville and the lasted living for both “rotting” females figure Helen and Madeline shall haunts the rest to never wished what you cannot handle later as consequence.