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Ich Wollt Ein Huhn (Maverick/Warner Bros. 2009)

   An alternative plot of how the allies special secret troops whom disguising and attempts some guerilla warfare silent attacks to the Nazi Germans patrolling successfully – ends the damn World War II First Special Service Force of the recruits Jewish-American soldiers known to be infamously killing an scalping any Nazi troops they can find as (The) Inglourious Basterds led by First Lieutenant Aldo “The Apache” Raine with his cold blooded killer troops like Donny Donowitz, Sergeant Hugo Stiglitz, The Little Man Utivich or Private First Class Omar Ulmer gone undercover and through their missions – slaying many krauts in such terrible death unleashed fear towards the SS colonel Hans Landa known as the jew-killer to capturing them. As the other secret mission from Britain’s plan of the attack on a premier Nazi movie in France with most of the top generals and leaders of the Third Reich being scheduled to attend including the fuhrer himself but things went wrong and the british intelligence corps Lieutenant Archie Hicox with Stiglitz and Wilhelm Wicki failed and caught dead in a gunfight with some wehrmacht and Gestapo major leaving only the undercover agent/german actress Bridget Von Hammersmark wounded.
   The show must go on but little things that nobody knows that the cinema owner Shosanna Dreyfus got her own plan to locked all the guests and spectators inside the burning building as her plan for revenge on her family whose being killed by the Nazi seems to be possible even without the help from the suicidal bombing acts from the basterds. 
   Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds Motion Picture raw scene always be the objective brand just like this one with the tons of Classical music soundtracks as various artists and musicians lending their composition tunes to complete thus editing scenery like Charles Bernstein’s White Lightning, Nick Perito on The Green Leaves of Summer, Billy Preston over Slaughter – Film version as well as Ennio Morricone through the re-mastered track of Le Resa dei Conti – accompanying you to watch the heroic war movie with Aldo Reine and his crew trying to kill Hitler, the german local sniper Fredrick Zoller whose inspiring the premier movie making of Nation’s Pride the tragic death of Shosanna while burning her own cinema or the carving o swastika on a coward traitor like Hans Landa by a big hunting knife may casting some comedy in irony to the history tales course of WW II.