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Holland Tunnel (Kindercore/ Track & Field 2001)

   Same like where Michael Stipe and R.E.M came from – the Athens, Georgia (USA) is your newer duo whom started out everything using their laptops, drum machines or musical instruments by Dan Geller kindy-core style propelling the Pop-Indie and Synth-Electro noises while the female figure whom didn’t planning to be a Pop star singer – Amy Dykes actually, providing her local vocals keeping it gladly, conference and interesting to listen by Alternative Music lovers whose finding them and knowing the duet since that as I Am The World Trade Center (IATWTC).
   Out of The Loop filling in your pleasure dealer by the fascinating Pop insurgence within the blending thicker on Synth-Pop, Electronic Rock and Indie sounds that remarkable ordering the ears of dry pheromone cells to dancing silly or just getting bit clever on the re-awakening over thus mixture musical beats and tempos of standard fusion like being shown to public through Look Around You, Light Delay, Sounds So Crazy, Inside Your Head, Metro (Brooklyn Mix); You Don’t Even Know Her, September and Flute Loops – taste sweeter than tutti-frutti juices with less artificial ingredients except the modern rhythms ensemble creeping down your thirsty throat – refilling the demands of more technology dance music makers to spoiling dreams.

Out Of The Loop: